Your own Lightening Bolt

I am completely inspired today after watching ‘Super Soul Sunday’ on OWN this morning and Oprah’s interview with Panache Desai. What a wonderfully inspiring man.

For the last 5-6 years, I’ve heard from people frequently that I have an “aura”. Usually this was in a bar and I figured it was some kind of sexual frequency (or maybe just pickup lines). But then I’d hear it from co-workers as well as family members. I guess there must be something more to it than sexual energy. I then thought it was about self-confidence. I’ve always been blessed with self-confidence and have been told on more than one occasion that I exude this self-confident energy. Ok, then new theory, maybe that is what it is about. Then it dawned on me that this “aura” that attracts people to me like bees to a flower, came about or became more pronounced after I started becoming more spiritually aware.

Also, as I mentor others at work and in life, I find myself seeing past all their “stuff” (we all have it) and seeing their “aura”. It’s funny how it is generally much easier to spot it in others than ourselves.

Back to Panache – he believes we all have this beautiful “soul signature”… this vibrational energy that is perfect, unique and magnificent. He says that we don’t need fixing or need to learn to be good but at some point we have to believe that we are enough. That we are enough. You are enough.

He talked about the Harry Potter series being his most inspirational books. Because we are all special, we all have that lightning bolt on our forehead. We all are magical. We just have to believe. I love that.

You are enough. You are a wonderful, magnificent human being. You have a soul signature that is unique. By finally believing & knowing that you are enough, that you are special, you will become aligned to your soul signature and have your own aura. You’ll begin attracting the glorious life that is waiting for you. And in turn, you’ll help others find their own unique soul signature.

I recommend watching Super Soul Sunday each week as well as checking out Panache’s website.



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