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4 ways to get more done each day

Let's face it, no matter how much we get done each day, burning the candle at both ends, the longer our to-do list gets. I personally run to the side of overly ambitious in all the things that I want to pursue and accomplish. In any given day, I might decide to get a lot of work done for a client, work out an hour or two, make a great meal, clean my house, write some pages in my book-in-progress and spend quality time with my kidos. Some days I accomplish all of this and some days not so much.  Read more [...]

Shit Rolls Down Hill

This topic seems quite apt for this week. It simply was the week of "shit rolling down shill". And frankly that can never be a good thing. I've seen stressed out managers bringing wrath down to their staff. I've had high level managers send a nasty emails to entry-level gals in accounting. I myself have started a whole rash of "shit rolling" when I tried to impart a sense of urgency to one of my staff on a big project we are working on. He apparently construed this as "an ultimatum" and conveyed Read more [...]

Your own Lightening Bolt

I am completely inspired today after watching 'Super Soul Sunday' on OWN this morning and Oprah's interview with Panache Desai. What a wonderfully inspiring man. For the last 5-6 years, I've heard from people frequently that I have an "aura". Usually this was in a bar and I figured it was some kind of sexual frequency (or maybe just pickup lines). But then I'd hear it from co-workers as well as family members. I guess there must be something more to it than sexual energy. I then thought it was Read more [...]