Soul Food – The Universe is not Stingy

“The Universe is not stingy.  We are. Some of us have very stingy souls. Perhaps not in how we treat others – our family, friends, and those less fortunate — but in how we treat ourselves.  Yet how can Spirit give more to us if our fists, hearts, and minds are clenched tight? Abundance is about finally learning how to release feelings of poverty and lack and replace them with feelings of prosperity and affluence”. ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Today be kind and patient with yourself. Do not beat yourself up. Don’t be so afraid that you will screw up or that life will get worse. Let yourself believe that you are a wonderful, worthy soul that has the best of everything headed your way.  Fake it if you can’t fully believe or grasp it.

Every night before you go to bed repeat, “I am a wonderful, generous & worthy person that has the best of everything headed my way.” Then visualize what “the best of everything” looks like in your life. Don’t judge yourself and if negative thoughts come your way, gently push them aside and get back to your mantra.

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