Live a Happier Life – apply 80/20 Law to Life

Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time.  -Victor Hugo

Check out this arctile by Billy Shall:

Here are the higlights.

With Pareto’s Principle you can:

Accomplish More in Less Time

By focusing on activities that produce the most results and eliminating or outsourcing trivial activities, you can free more of your time while accomlishing more. Reason: 20% of activities produce 80% of results.

Improve your Finances

Everyone’s budget is different, but most major expenses are from debt (credit cards, mortgage, student loans). By attacking prior debts and not acquiring new debt, you can improve your finances dramatically. Reason: 20% of financial decisions result in 80% financial results.

Make more Money

With increased production resulting from more time spent on vital activities, you will have more time to focus on providing more value. The more value you produce, the more money you make. Reason: 80% of income is derived from 20% of sources.

Eliminate Stress

Find the small portion of activities that produce the most stress and eliminate them. Reason: 20% of stressful activities produce 80% of the stress.

Purge the Clutter

How many dust collectors do you really need? Try to donate or sell the possessions that you hardly use. They are contributing to 80% of the dust. :) Reason: 80% of the space on shelves hold clutter.

Loose Weight

If you cut out the small percentage of foods that contributes the most to weight gain, (fatty foods, fried foods, sweets). And exercise regularly, not only will you loose weight, you’ll have more energy and feel much better. Reason: 20% of foods contribute to 80% of weight gain.

Improve Relationships

Focus on nurturing the small percentage of relationships that provide the most value (spouse, family, close friends). Moments spent and memories made improve the quality of your relationships. Reason: 20% of relationships provide 80% of value.

Travel Lighter

Most luggage is not necessary, By traveling light, you eliminate most of the hassles of carrying extra baggage. I personally travel with extremely minimal luggage, (one carry on bag). If you think you might need it, leave it. If you can’t live without it, bring it. Reason: 80% of luggage is excess 20% is essential.

Eliminate Information Overload

Constant bombardment from news, emails, advertisements, and articles :) are taking up time and head space. Cut down on the information consumption to the small percentage that is necessary. Reason: 80% of information useless is 20% is crucial.

Live a Happier Life

More Free Time + Improved Finances + More Money + Eliminated Stress + Less Clutter + Weight Loss + Improved Relationships + Lighter Luggage + Information Elimination = Happier Life!

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